About Gladiator Games

If you like gladiator games, then you like tales about Ancient Rome and the martial arts that were invented during that era. The gladiator games genre contains games where the main heroes are gladiators.

Gladiators are the main heroes of Gladiator games

Swordsmen or gladiators existed during the period of Ancient Rome. They were fighters who participated in combats. Gladiator fights were arranged to create the show and amuse the viewers. The gladiator got the victory obtained freedom and was liberated from enslavement.

Gladiator battles are famous for several unique characteristics. One of these characteristics is the finger gesture. When a gladiator is wounded and cannot keep on fighting, he must lift his pointing finger. Then, the battle stopped, and the gladiator admitted his defeat. If the king chooses to forgive the gladiator, then he lets him live further. Frequently the kings permitted the opponent to get away with the injured gladiator.

What kinds of gladiators can you face in gladiator games?

The gladiators, who were known as "andabats", were dressed in body armor and hats that had no holes for the eyes, so throughout the fight, they could not see one another.

Gladiators, who were known as "bestiaries", fitted to the criminal world: battling in gladiatorial fights was a punishment for them for a crime. These gladiators were equipped with penknives or darts and released against a hunting animal. In most cases, gladiators were killed in these fights.

Gladiators who battled with two swords in every hand did not have any security on their bodies, did not wear a hat, and did not use armor. They wore short adventitia and covered their legs with stiff bindings. Such gladiators were known as "dimachers".

There were also equita gladiators, who were carelessly equipped, backed with armor and scale armor. Their hats were adorned with brushes, and their forearms were shielded by armor. Such gladiators battled on horseback and kept on battling on foot.

There were also kinds of gladiators "Gauls", "Goplomakhs", "Lakvearii", equipped only with ropes, murmillons, as well as agent provocateur, Samnites, and many other types.

Storylines and settings in gladiator games

The storylines in gladiator games may be unique, but they all inevitably relate to the kind of wars, battles, martial arts. Because gladiators lived in ancient Rome, in most cases the plot contains historic motives. Although sometimes the fantasy of game creators brings gladiators to other periods.

The sites for gladiator games are amphitheaters for gladiators, therefore gladiators battled in arenas.

Some of the amphitheaters for gladiatorial fights have endured and have lasted to our days. The most legendary arena for gladiator battles is the Colosseum, the ruins of which can still be observed in Rome. In Tunisia, the arena of Mark Antony Gordian has been maintained, and in Verona, the amphitheater has not only endured to this day but is also used as a stage for opera concerts.

The characters of gladiator games can be both mysterious gladiators and those whom you know well. The most legendary gladiators are Spartacus, Crixus, Publipor, Commodus, Flamma, Priscus and Verus, Spikul, Narcissus.