About Bomberman Games

Welcome to the world of explosions and noise. A team of robotic demolitions welcomes you. Every year in their city there is a competition called "Bomberman".

What is the core of Bomberman games?

This famous event attracts not only residents of the entire city, but also the surrounding area. The game aims to undermine all opponents. To do this, you need to have a good reaction, observation, and the ability to get along with explosives. The Bomberman games section contains the brightest and coolest games where you can more than demonstrate your bomber talent.

The developer of Bomberman games is Hudson Soft. The first game in this section was issued in 1983. Initially, Bomberman games were established on game consoles and slot machines, then emerged for home personal computers.

Then, the game became so widespread that it became available on all virtual websites and mobile applications.

Bomberman games characters

Let's get acquainted with the main characters of the games. There are eight robots in total: three girls and five boys. The girls are all very sweet and cute. They can mislead you with their harmless appearance but be on the alert. These beauties know their business and you will not have time to blink an eye as these cute creatures will send you flying in a blast wave.

But from the boys directly emanates danger. And it is not in vain. After all, explosives are their profile. They know a lot about bombs, and they will force you to test their knowledge on your skin. But do not be intimidated, because one of these little demolitionists is ready to become your partner right now and defeat everyone.

New versions of Bomberman games

Only the most interesting and exciting awaits you ahead. You will be able to choose the arena where the explosive battles will take place. These can be the most unexpected places: cafe, library, water park, cinema, pharaoh's tomb, and many other cool places.

Bomberman can be a game for two as soon as you call a friend to help you. The main thing is not to be afraid and go into battle.

You can destroy obstacles, blow up opponents, or hit them with a hammer. But if you use the bonus, you can become super-fast and super strong. Play, explode, and win!

It is thought that Bomberman games are among their lovers of the older generation, who once played these games on simple old PCs, and now keep on playing because they want to feel nostalgia.

However, today’s editions of Bomberman games, with their innovative graphics and fascinating stories, invite representatives of the young generation. Since the new games are created consistent with contemporary guidelines, the new Bomberman games appeared to be no less exhilarating and fascinating.

The most popular modification of Bomberman games is an arcade labyrinth with numerous complexity levels and various kinds of bombs and devices. Additionally, the storylines and locations in the gameplay can be various, so it will be fascinating for the player to be in an unanticipated place and see an extraordinary character in the role of the protagonist. In modern games, it became possible not only to collect bonuses but also to use them on upgrading the game or character abilities.