About Pokemon Games

Pokemon Games have become incredibly popular all over our planet. People love these little characters so much that the number of times Pokemon Games have been played exceeds such number in any other category.

Who is Pokémon?

Few people know, but the word "Pokemon" consists of two parts of other words. It is short for "pocket monster." People have been fascinated by these little creatures since 1996 when the first game about Pokemon came out. After that, they began to gain great popularity and all gaming companies began to develop Pokemon Games.

The games quickly gained popularity among players from around the world. In general, the characters became the favorites of many people. Many people learned about Pokemon, not from computer games, but from cartoons about Pokemon. The plot of the original cartoon is that a boy named Ash wants to become a Pokemon. And throughout the cartoon, he and his friends try to make their dream come true.

More than 20 years have passed since then. But people continue to adore Pokemon, and their popularity is growing even more.

The wild popularity of Pokemon Go

You probably remember how everyone around was mad about the new game about Pokemon, which came out for smartphones about 5 years ago. Yes, this is a well-known Pokemon Go. The essence was simple: players walked the streets and with the help of the camera of their phone "caught" hidden Pokemon. Sometimes you had to try very hard to get it.

It has been a while since the game launched, as the number of downloads in AppStore and Google Play has broken all records. But critics are very ambivalent about the game, as it has caused many confusing situations that sometimes end very sadly.

This is where the main advantage of our online Pokemon games comes from. You do not need to go outside to collect these little monsters. You can do this online by sitting in one place. Moreover, our games are much more advanced. They will delight you with bright graphics, additional features, and new twists in the plot.

What are the games about Pokemon?

Pokemon games are at the intersection of different genres. The most popular are cards with Pokemon. The point is simple: you play with other players and everyone receives a set of cards. In each round, the winner is the one who gets the card with the strongest Pokemon.

Another option for playing Pokemon is to go on a long journey, during which you will need to collect different Pokemon.

It can also be logic games, coloring, cooking games, and others.

You know what cute creatures these Pokemon are. But do not expect anything good from them, because sometimes they are very evil, and they will have to compete. They have unique superpowers tied to 4 elements. Did you know that there are more than 600 species of different Pokemon? For each of them, you can find information in the encyclopedia Pokedex. And the number of games with Pokemon is approaching infinity.

The most loyal Pokemon fans know that you need to be able to use Pokeball to catch Pokemon.

As we have already said, games with Pokemon are different. Everyone will find something interesting for themselves. These can be fights, construction, dressing up, coloring, puzzles, and lots of others.