About Dark Games

This page presents some of the Dark Games online on our site. Just look at the pictures of the games and you will understand everything yourself. Play dark online games right now - for free and without registration!

What does darkness hide in dark games?

Fans of scary stories will appreciate the great Dark games, which offer kids to plunge into the world of the unknown. The guys need to go through a difficult maze using only a flashlight.

Everything around was plunged into darkness and you need to find a way out using logic or intuition. Try to be especially attentive, because in the maze everything seems the same and you can easily get confused.

The passage time is limited, and the guys were offered only one minute to solve an unusual problem.

How to get rid of the fear of the dark with dark games?

In good horror dark games, everything is done to make us feel defenseless and vulnerable in an unpleasant, frightening environment. In bad horror dark games, a screamer appears in the middle of the screen. Both options, in one way or another, make us afraid, whipping up fear and anxiety. But, unlike movies and books, in video games, you control the process yourself and you can't just close your eyes in the hope that everything will end quickly.

After completing several dark games, you will develop a sense of where the enemy is, and the meeting with him will not be so sudden. What if in The Evil Within a monster with a huge circular saw blade instead of a hand breaks through a wall in a calm moment? Run away, but do not panic - you guessed that such moments in horror do not last long. Such unkillable monsters, chasing the protagonist throughout the game, give time for a respite from anxiety - replenish moral mana and go ahead, the next meeting with Nemesis will be only after half an hour of gameplay.

What dark games do we have?

Free Dark Games are designed for kids of different ages and tastes. In the entertainment called Monsters in the Dark, you need to save the unfortunate monsters. The creature is stuck on top of the structure and cannot descend on its own. The kids need to think over a good route for an unknown beast and do it in a short time. The entertainment contains great additions and unusual tasks.

For fans of versatile battles, exciting online Dark games have been created in which it is necessary to save humanity. The opponents want to plunge the whole world into darkness, but the command of light must stop them. Try to develop an effective strategy and win. It is necessary to create a good army and provide each of the soldiers with high-quality weapons.

An insanely scary story is at the heart of a game in the dark called Zombie Hunter in the Dark. The player will have to overcome his fear and go through the dark corridors in search of bloodthirsty monsters. It is important not to lose sight of any creature, so as not to waste precious time. Try to clear the building of the walking dead without dying. Watch out for the entrance to the room, because the enemy may appear suddenly.