About Unicorn Games

The central heroes of unicorn games are unicorns. Up to this moment, users disagree about whether these incredible creatures lived or are just the imagination of novelists or cartoon authors. But one point is for sure: they certainly live in unicorn games.

Who is a unicorn?

The unicorn came to us from mythologies and legends. Archaic peoples spoke about the unicorn as a beast that is an emblem of divine integrity and chastity, the pursuit for light. The unicorn looks like a pony with one horn mounting on its forehead.

The unicorn first emerged in mythologies and legends almost 4000 years ago. He emerged repeatedly in the narratives of the Indian people. Then, this exceptional unicorn games star has been revealed in Asian myths.

The ancient Greeks and ancient Romans assumed that unicorns live. The ancient Egyptians also portrayed unicorns on their memorials, and even Africans drew unicorns on the pillars.

Only in the fifth century did the unicorn emerged in Western stories and legends. They started to provide unicorns with supernatural properties. They explained that if someone sips water from the horn of a murdered unicorn, he will be eternally safeguarded from any illness.

Julius Caesar said that unicorns reside in the western forests.

How Has Unicorn Appeared in Unicorn Games?

Unicorns emerged in Western civilization and then transferred to movies, cartoons, and unicorn games after ancient mythos began to vastly use their images. In their stories, Western peoples explained that unicorns were employed instead of horses and mules by witches and magicians. They said that it was difficult for an average person to see a unicorn, and if he did, that an individual would not quit this meeting alive. It was also stated that only a gold collar can catch and control a unicorn.

In unicorn games, unicorns frequently perform as the central heroes, and as stated by the storyline they must battle various opponents. Medieval tales said that the adversaries of unicorns are usually a lion and an elephant, but in unicorn games, the characters must battle against other adversaries.

What categories of unicorn games are there?

Games with unicorns as the protagonists present many various genres. Users like to draw unicorns very much. Undeniably, the visuals of unicorn games embody various editions of the image of these wonderful animals. They frequently recite the images that prominent artists portrayed in their canvases and embroideries throughout the development of mankind. In unicorn games, you can get a unicorn in the image in which Hieronymus Bosch and Duve illustrated him, but most frequently they use pictures that came to us from gorgeous and multicolored cartoons.

The storylines of unicorn games can similarly be unique. Frequently, plots utilize those stories that were derived from fiction and cinema, from animated series. The unicorn adventure is full of magic events, fights, and miracles. In unicorn games, there are categories of adventure and arcade games, puzzle games, and learning games for the youngest kids, as well as dress-up games and makeover games, in which all players can create their unicorn type and select a great outfit for him.