About Zoo Games

Games at the zoo will provide an opportunity for kids to visit the world of the jungle, with wild lions, funny monkeys, clumsy penguins, and other interesting animals. The elephant game in Zoo games tells a story about a huge and powerful creature that lives on the African continent. But in the virtual world, this is a funny elephant named Jumbo who loves to have fun. Wonderful things happen at the zoo after closing. When people disperse and the guard falls asleep, the animals indulge in silly and fun activities, with music and dancing. The little elephant goes to a party and has to dress cool. In the game, children choose costumes for the characters, such as beautiful shoes, glasses, and jewelry. When the baby elephant is dressed, he’s ready for the disco!

Zoo games will allow you to explore the habits and lifestyles of wild animals. The game “A Wonderful Zoo” allows children to tour the safari zone, Arctic, jungle, and the African savanna. In the game, children must save the animals from evil poachers, and build homes for the wild inhabitants. Kids will feel like real zoo managers. In the game you need to make sure that all animals are fed and healthy. The zoo receives visitors who must buy a ticket to take a look at the beautiful creatures. The money received can be spent on feeding the animals and improving the zoo.

The game “Escape from the Zoo” allows kids to catch all the animals that have escaped. After cleaning, a clumsy janitor forgot to close the cells, and all the animals fled the zoo! The children have to explore all corners of the city to find the escaped creatures. In the game, children should try to find everyone from the list on the left. When the level is complete, the animals that the player found will appear in the zoo. The game is not only fun, but also informative. By clicking on each animal, you can learn where this species lives, what it eats, and how many years it generally lives.