About Dog Games

Legends of dog devotion have been around since time immemorial. This is not surprising as dogs—small and big, shaggy and smooth-haired, purebred and not—have repeatedly proved their sincere devotion to man. That is why today there are so many computer games where the main characters are dogs. Among them, there are cute, simple, hand-drawn characters, and the characters of numerous cartoons. Dog games let you play with your beloved four-legged friends, look after them, and help them perform acrobatic stunts.

Cute, yapping puppies as well as good-natured, healthy, barking basses invariably attract the attention of the kids. The secret is that you will not get bored with them—and you can afford absolutely everything. It is very cool to consider pictures with the image of animals, finding differences on them, or to select pairs by association. In addition, you can experience yourself as a geneticist by collecting a dog from several pictures. In the process of such a game, children develop associative thinking and memory skills and increase their attention span while learning to love and understand animals. The list of dog games is nearly endless. See for yourself!