About SPA Games

Spa games help each and every girl take care of themselves. Every girl always wants to look their best, and in order to preserve her beauty, she uses a lot of products and self-care practices: various masks, creams, massages, cosmetics, diets, grueling exercise regimes, and so on. Health is the key to beauty—this expression is known to many. It is important to observe proper nutrition and regular exercise, and then any additional procedures will already see a tangible effect.

In Spa games, Sonya has just opened a new beauty salon. Naturally, this is a very popular place visited by pop stars. Since this salon is intended only for female visitors, many procedures are directly related to facial care: face massages, masks, cleansing routines, and others. This place is very popular and is already busy with a lot of clients. Since Sonya has not yet managed to promote her business and hire staff, she will have to deal with all the visitors herself.

Here is a typical spa game scenario:

You are the owner of the most popular beauty salon in the spa game. After all, only while in your element can you take good care of your body and face with the help of cosmetic procedures. Today you had a very demanding client who ordered a spa facial and full makeup. Everything needs to be done amazingly in order to maintain the high status of service that your salon is known for. So, let's begin! You have everything you need to deliver the spa facial and makeup. Try to use only the most appropriate tools for the job. Carefully apply various masks to the client’s face—masks are very useful, but are also a little treat for your face and help to make you beautiful. After leaving the mask on for the desired amount of time, rinse gently and thoroughly with water. The most important thing is to remove all acne. After spa treatments, you can begin to apply makeup and select new clothes. Be prepared to feel like a whole new woman!