About Winter Games

This section presents online games, one way or another related to winter and snow. Here you will find races on snow-covered tracks, winter sports games, Christmas quests, and New Year's arcades. Play now, for free and without registration!

What do we know about winter?

Winter has come. The days became shorter and the nights longer. The ground is already covered with white snow. You with your friends went outside and made a snowman. Then you played snowballs, sledded. It was fun. Kids love winter because it's a magical time of year. We are sure that reading this text you start to recall this wonderful time of the year and want to bring the memories back to life!

Winter is a magical time of the year. Frost leaves strange patterns on the windows. In winter, the best holidays are celebrated: in December, the New Year, and in January - Christmas. At this time of year, the whole world is covered with a white blanket.

Animals change their clothes, for example, a hare wears a white fur coat and partridges have white feathers. Especially beautiful in winter in the woods. All the trees are snow-white, light snowflakes are circling in the air. Nature plunged into a long sleep until the spring.

Fascinating facts about winter games and sports

The world's oldest skis are stored in the Swedish Ski Museum. Their age is over 4 thousand years. The English word "ski" comes from the Icelandic "skidh" - "piece of wood". Scandinavia is the homeland of skis. There were found rock paintings depicting skis dating back to the Stone Age. Downhill skiing originated in the late 18th century in Norway. The first downhill skiing competitions date back to 1767. Arthur Conan Doyle was an avid downhill skier. He repeatedly went skating in Switzerland, and, became one of the pioneers of winter sports in this country. The world's longest skis are 534 meters. On them in Sweden in 2008 it was managed to pass at once 1043 skiers!

There is snow on different planets of the solar system. On Mars, it is of two types - water and carbon dioxide. Saturn's moon Titan has methane snow.

Water cannot be colder than zero degrees, but ice can have a lower temperature. Greenlandic glaciers have a temperature of about minus 28 degrees Celsius. At the East station in Antarctica, a record low temperature was recorded - almost minus 90 degrees Celsius.

What winter games do we have?

Winter simulator games allow you to try all the fun at this time of year and choose your favorite. Take part in biathlon competitions or surprise everyone with unusual skate tricks. Try to earn more points and break the record of time spent on the route.

The GTA Winter Games offer boys new missions in a snow-covered country with a special criminal past. Guys can steal cars and buy weapons to make life easier for the protagonist. Try not to get involved in dangerous situations and avoid police stations. Kids need to dress the hero in warm clothes because he is not used to the harsh climate. Winter car games offer kids to prepare their vehicles for slippery and snowy roads. Try to consider all possible dangers, and do not forget to put on winter tires.

Winter dress-up games offer girls to choose a warm outfit for a beautiful heroine. Try to choose bright and elegant accessories that will emphasize the uniqueness of the image. It is important to choose outerwear that will be both comfortable and refined. Entertainment will help kids learn to combine colors and choose fashionable clothes in the process of completing tasks. To change a thing, you just need to drag it to the model. It is desirable not to use many pieces of jewelry because they should not restrict movement and interfere. Particular attention should be paid to shoes, because in winter it is incredibly slippery, and the sole must be reliable. The material from which the shoes are made must be strong and waterproof.