About Alien Games

"Hello, green men! Can I play with you?”

If you ask a similar question in games about aliens, the answer is unlikely to be positive, because most stories of an alien nature imply the existence of scenarios of invasion and survival. Aliens invade (of course), they survive, and the locals are led by a flash drive character.

The Earth is captured... Alien games do not leave alternatives or banal luck. You will have to survive critically—with weapons in your hands and ingenuity in action. It will take all of your powers of intelligence and logic to defeat an alien enemy. Or Earthlings. Yes, some flash games allow you to try on the role of invaders and, with the help of fantastic weapons, defeat everyone and everything.

Games about the unconquered warring land often contain great graphics, decent musical support, and excellent design. During the passage of the plot, players can admire the designers’ flights of fancy—exploring alien monsters, views of the destroyed cities, and the charm of deadly weapons.

A separate category of games about the inhabitants of other planets are travel stories. This is when a gamer character flies into another world and gets into interesting and fascinating adventures. Sometimes also with a warlike background...