About Viking Games

Vikings games are for those who have an irrepressible desire to crush with an ax and a sword! Only here you can play online for free in conquests and raids on land rich in the booty or start a clan war in a naval battle on drakkars!

Who are the Vikings?

The Vikings were sailors from Scandinavia in the eighth and eleventh centuries. They had a significant impact on the course of European history. Engaged in robbery and trade in Europe, West Asia, and North Africa. During the ninth and eleventh centuries, large regions of Europe were colonized: East Anglia, Normandy, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and the Shetland Islands, Sicily, Russia, and so on. They consisted mainly of Danes, Norwegians, and Swedes.

Since the geographical expansion of the Vikings was carried out mainly by water, the prevailing view in European historiography is that this expansion was made possible only by the invention of the "vehicle" - the Viking boat drakar.

Interesting facts about the Vikings

The lands inhabited by the Vikings were mountainous and wooded - and unsuitable for farming. Viking communities lived in small houses run by so-called "earls" - the richest landowners. Some Vikings had slaves ("trawls"), but most of them were free ("carls"). In mentality, the Vikings had a cruel temper, were strong in body, accustomed to difficulties.

The Vikings dressed in thick and warm clothes. They often lubricated their clothes with various resins to protect themselves from water and keep them warm. They wore chain mail and steel helmets during the hikes. It has not yet been proven that the Vikings wore helmets with horns because all the helmets found were rounded and only ritual helmets were in the shape of birds and other animals. Often Viking hair did not fit under the helmet because they did not cut it, as well as beards, it was considered shameful.

The Vikings were skilled shipbuilders who created the most perfect ships of their time. Because in Scandinavian society it was customary to bury soldiers with their boats, archaeologists have a good idea of the characteristics of Viking ships.

What Virtual Viking games do we offer?

Because the Vikings are wonderful warriors who won any fights and wars, fights and brawls are the most wanted genre of Viking games.

Vikings were mariners, so most of the incidents in Viking games occur at sea or in the ocean. The Vikings floated on specific war vessels called drakkars. On these vessels, the Vikings went to sea fights and made their triumphs.

If you select virtual Viking games, then you will have the chance to recognize these incredible ships. You are going to go on a sea voyage along with these courageous sailors.

In the Viking games genre, we have more than just fights and skirmishes. Additionally, among the Viking games, there are many tasks where your hero will need to battle, but he will also need to finish the back games and discover hidden treasures.

Because Vikings have lately become extremely popular in media culture, you will need the chance to face those heroes from well-known animated series and TV series with whom you are already acquainted.