About Troll Games

Welcome to the crazy world of trollfaces. They appeared on the Internet quite recently in 2008. But is this the time limit for the little legend of the Internet? Of course not! A trollface is a smiling face that carries a veiled emotion. Most often, these are not the most pleasant emotions: schadenfreude, loneliness, anger, fear, rabies, and many others.

What are trollface games?

Trollfaces have gained such popularity that it has become difficult to find a feed without a picture with trollfaces in at least one public or social network.

Now, they began to produce not only pictures with trolls but even flash games. And now we want to introduce you to these games in the Troll games section.

Here you can have fun and tease people without risking your health. To get started, you can go through the cool "Trollface Quest" and test your logic and sense of humor. Each of the seven parts will give you a great mood for the whole day.

Then you can plunge into the magical world of fairy tales in the game "Trollface: Fairy Tale", and then smoothly turn into a superhero in the game "Super Loser". Then you will have "Toilet Success" and "Shooting Boogers". With such a great mood, you can enter the Meme Generator game and contribute to the culture of Internet memes.

What is trolling?

Trolling is a form of social provocation or bullying in network communication, used both by personalized participants interested in greater recognition, publicity, shocking and by anonymous users without the possibility of their identification.

Trollface games have become a true thing in the online world. At least several years ago, nobody could have thought that a chuckling and unkind-looking gag could become the spirit of numerous flash games.

In the first flash games, Trollface instinctively emerges in the role of a bad character, who furiously fires at a range of targets.

His gun pleases with a multiplicity of options: it can be a precision rifle, a space gun, and prosaic guns. And in all cases, the aim is the same - to hit the “target” depicted in the game.

What genres of trollface games do we have?

As for the missions, they preferably correspond to the personality of our hero himself. Passing the complicated and unmanageable levels will fascinate anyone, even a complicated gamer in the category. Quest riddles are based on the craziest theories, which leads to the suddenness of their conclusions and the full loss of rational moves. But being engaged in this plot is very, very enjoyable!

These amusements will also attract those who like simplicity and a shallow sense of humor in flash games. Flying on the toilet, leaping on vanishing blocks, role-playing - all this is in the games of Troll category to the joy of players and fans of the Internet meme.

All trollface games are extremely entertaining, so you will not get tired. The key differentiating characteristic of such games is the variable result: you never know what amazement the game will give you and how it will end.