About Sniper Games

In this section, you are greeted by shooting sniper games. To master this military profession, you must be a precise sharp-shooter, and have excellent endurance. Once on the mission, you need to be prepared for long ambushes, waiting for the target to appear. This can take several hours and the sniper must remain motionless for every minute so as to not reveal his location.

In Sniper Games opponents also have their own snipers, and they carefully scour the territory in order to identify the enemy. The higher your training, the greater your chance of survival.

While keeping his position invisible on the battlefield, the sniper must quickly identify enemies and shoot them one at a time. By firing from one position, the sniper exposes himself to danger. So that the enemy shooters do not remove him, you need to move from time to time, hiding behind a new shelter.

A sniper never uses a machine gun, but does his specialized work with a high-precision rifle with an optical sight. Looking into the peephole, he brings the object closer and sees it in an enlarged form, which facilitates the task of destruction.