About Skateboard Games

A board mounted on rollers can be a great vehicle. This is proved by many skaters of the world, who use it as a tool to perform various tricks. The board itself consists of several layers of wood and has considerable strength, lightness, and flexibility. The top of the board is covered with a special coating with frictional properties so that your feet do not slip off when moving. Sometimes skateboards are equipped with special rails for sliding on the railing. You can also perform various tricks while playing skateboard games on our website. Drive along city streets, jump over obstacles, and bypass saturated city car and pedestrian traffic. Overcoming different parapets and barriers on the roads requires a high degree of dexterity. In a virtual world, however, you will not risk endangering your health. After any fall in skateboard games, you can just stand up and try again to repeat the conceived combination of jumps and slides.