About Scary Games

Here you will find a variety of entertaining games that make it possible for you to come face-to-face with ghosts, terrible creatures, and death itself. But can you overcome your fear? We will find out very soon.

You can play scary games online right now, but not everyone proves up to such a terrible test. Each game presented in this section has its own mythology and, in most cases, allows for players to explore abandoned buildings, cities or caves, meet ghosts, solve numerous puzzles, and try to save their own life. After all, saving the soul is an integral part of your adventure in the conditions of the horror genre. Therefore, the time has come to gather our thoughts, prepare for the tests, and begin to take the first steps.

If you are interested in what awaits you in the vastness of our gaming section, then we recommend starting the adventure with the game “KoGaMa: Thin”, which tells the popular story of Slenderman. If you want a thrill, we suggest you pay attention to the scary game “Exmotris”, which allows you not only to study locations, but also to deal with the mental personality disorder of the protagonist.

Sometimes, though, you do not want to be the object of fear; you just want to relax. When you feel this way, the Scooby Doo and Little Monster scary games are at your service. The gameplay in these scary games is presented in a comic form for more light-hearted fun.

As you can see, the selection of scary games is a long and entertaining list. Choose from any of the options offered and immerse yourself in adventure. There is no competitive aspect, no rating tables, and all the scary games are designed to make you feel the atmosphere and simply enjoy the gameplay. In these entertaining scary games no one will rush you, and if you stay in the game longer, then ghosts and other evil spirits will only be glad of this. Prove that you are not afraid of the dark and are ready to fight back!