About Survival Games

By its fame, the survival games category can compete with such categories as strategy and war games. Its recognition is because every time the key objective of human life was to stay alive in the transforming terms of life.

Survival games are extremely addictive, players of this category cannot break themselves away from the game course until the central mission of the game - to stay alive - is done.

Characteristics of survival games

The serious challenge of survival is centered on the point that such games are constantly packed with a range of difficulties and tests that the protagonist must conquer. Through the whole course of the game, the player is busy looking for, together with the person he operates, an answer to the question.

A showcase of such games is that the hero will not be able to stay alive if he does not discover the globe around him appropriately. The hero must browse well, analyze the world in which he finds himself, to learn what is in this world. The hero must research all his finds in the game world and learn how these finds can support him in survival. Frequently, among such finds, there are instructions to assist deal with the difficulties that this game poses for the character.

Kinds of survival games

There are many representatives of the survival games category, and among them, there are famous examples. The plots of such games can be extremely different. The place of the act of the game can be planet earth at the most various phases of its history, and space, as well as imaginary planets from fantastic pieces and movies.

For instance, in Frostpunk, the action occurs in a world that is all wrapped with ice. This game represents the kind of urban development simulator, in it, the performer will not only have to construct a city in the center of the crater of a dead volcano in which people can live but also appropriately handle this city so that people do not freeze in it.

In the game Subnautica, the action occurs in the underwater planet, and the player operates a makeshift submarine that swims among such strange underwater environments that, in addition to the fascinating gameplay, the player also appreciates the attraction of the bordering underwater world.

Among the best representatives of the category of survival games is frequently called Outward. In this fantasy RPG game, the player must endure in a fictional world. Now, the world itself is unfamiliar and full of hazards for the hero, but it also includes weird monsters who try to assault the player all the time.

The most prominent example of the category of survival games is the famous Minecraft, which also offers a survival mode.

Common genre

Almost all virtual games have a survival component one way or another since even the very assumption that the player pursues to hold out until the end of the game is the assumption of survival.

But most of this rule is applied in survival simulators. Such games are also split into categories according to their plots: they can be horror games, roguelike.