Survival Games

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About Survival Games

The realm of survival games is as vast and varied as the gaming community itself. From the edge-of-your-seat, adrenaline-fueled environments to the quiet intensity of wilderness survival, these games tap into our primal instincts: the fight to survive. The term "survival games" may seem self-explanatory, but it refers to a genre of video games in which the player begins with minimal resources and must endure a harsh environment while managing health, hunger, thirst, and often temperature. It's more than just being the last one standing; it's about strategy, planning, resource management, and persevering against the odds.

Survival games trace their origins back to the text-based adventures of the late '70s and early '80s, with games like "Oregon Trail" and "Akalabeth: World of Doom. At the time, survival mechanics were secondary to the text-based storytelling, but they set a precedent for what would become a booming genre decades later.

Fast forward to the early 2000s, technology had advanced and gaming had become a mainstream form of entertainment. Games like DayZ and Minecraft introduced a new generation of players to the thrill of survival gaming. To this day, survival games appeal to a diverse audience, ranging from hardcore gamers who thrive on high-stakes challenges to casual players looking for immersive, story-driven experiences.

What types of free survival games are there?

Like any genre, survival games come in many flavors, each with its own unique twists and mechanics. Some examples include:

  • Survival Horror: Games like "Outlast" and "Resident Evil" combine survival mechanics with horror elements, often forcing players to fend off all manner of terrifying creatures.
  • Survival Simulator: Games like "The Long Dark" simulate real-world survival situations, testing players' skills in food gathering, shelter building, and resource management.
  • Post-Apocalyptic Survival: Games like "Fallout" and "Metro Exodus" thrust players into a world devastated by nuclear war, where resources are scarce and danger lurks around every corner.
  • Open-World Survival: Games like "ARK: Survival Evolved" and "Rust" offer vast, sandbox-like environments where players can explore, build, and survive in a non-linear and emergent manner.
  • Survival Strategy: Games like "Frostpunk" where players must not only survive harsh conditions, but also manage groups of survivors or entire communities.

These different sub-genres show the diversity and potential of online survival games. Each offers a unique set of challenges and experiences, enhancing the universal struggle for survival with different mechanics, environments, and stories.

What you can learn from online survival games

Free Survival games offer more than just entertainment; they also provide valuable lessons in resource management, strategic planning, decision-making, and even teamwork. In a survival game, every decision matters, every resource counts, and every strategy can mean the difference between life and death. It's a high-stakes environment that tests not only your gaming skills, but also your ability to stay calm and make critical decisions under pressure.

Best Online Survival Games

  1. Minecraft: Widely considered one of the best survival games, Minecraft allows players to explore, build and survive in a procedurally generated world. It offers endless possibilities with its creative mode, but truly shines with its survival mode that tests your resource gathering skills and creativity.
  2. The Long Dark: A survival simulation game that puts you in the shoes of a crash-landed bush pilot struggling to survive in the Canadian wilderness after a global disaster. It emphasizes exploration, survival, and storytelling.
  3. Outlast: A first-person survival horror game set in an abandoned asylum. It combines horror elements with exploration, puzzle-solving, and stealth mechanics, all centered around the concept of survival.
  4. DayZ: An open-world multiplayer survival game. Players must navigate a 225 km2 landscape, gathering resources and avoiding zombies and other players in order to survive. It's known for its hardcore survival mechanics and intense player interaction.
  5. Rust: Originally a DayZ clone, Rust quickly established itself as one of the most brutal and innovative survival games. It is a ruthless multiplayer game where players freely roam and survive in a procedurally generated world.


Online Survival games embody the thrills, challenges, risks, and rewards that come with surviving in extreme scenarios. Each game serves as an exciting experience that keeps players engaged and provides them with a virtual platform to test their survival skills. It's more than just about winning; it's about the journey, the strategy, and the thrill of overcoming the odds.