About Robot Games

It’s scary to think, but some fifty years ago robots were something that only existed in the realm of science fiction. It was assumed that humanity would someday be able to invent the mind and direct it to the service of humanity, but no one could have imagined that this would happen in the very near future. And this future has come: robots serve humanity—they treat us, feed us, guard us, and do a lot of different tasks that make life easier for humanity. And with robots, it is a lot of fun to play.

Robot games are an opportunity to plunge into the world of artificial intelligence for a short period of time. You can play with robots, conduct entire robot battles, or they can help you to think, solve logic problems or puzzles, and color pictures.

We have collected in this section a variety of robot games. There are shooters here, since most boys and girls love robot games for this very reason—for the opportunity to participate in real robot wars. There are also logical games, such as, for example, games in which you need to find differences in seemingly identical pictures. There are also coloring games where you need to color the pictures of robots in the right colors. And, of course, we cannot forget about the adventure games, the most interesting category of games that involve robots.

Robot games are especially good because they are much more interesting to play in the fun company of others than alone. Do not be surprised if you ever meet a few boys at once in a park or entertainment center with tablets in their hands. They probably play robots because it’s hard to come up with a more interesting activity for boys of any age. By the way, there are also a lot of fans of robot games among girls, because sometimes girls really want to feel strong and powerful; it’s not every day that they have the opportunity to control a huge, strong, and smart mechanism with one hand. So, if you ever meet a girl who is happy to play robot games, do not be surprised.