About Doctor Games

The profession of a doctor has always been held in high esteem. A patient’s life often depends on their skill and professionalism. At the same time, this job comes with big responsibility, as doctors are also blamed in cases with adverse outcomes.

Do you dream of becoming a doctor or nurse? Try playing our doctor games online and test your abilities. Maybe one case of drawing blood will cause you disgust, or perhaps you will grow even more firm in your decision to become a doctor. Doctor games challenge you with difficult heart operations and juggling the distribution of patients among departments. But, don’t worry, you also get to relax after a busy day at the clinic by playing dress up with the pretty nurses from the general therapy department. In addition to the standard doctor games, we have several fun and exciting game ideas in store, including one about fighting an organism with microbes in the style of a turret, and another where you get to control an ambulance. Let the other new games be a pleasant surprise for you!

It’s good that medical errors in such games result only in the end of the game. You can then start all over again, and approach the process more thoroughly with each try.