About NES Games

You know exactly what Nintendo is because as children we all sat with joysticks in front of the TV and played our favorite games. Nintendo was a leader in its field, which is why this game console was everyone's dream.

NES stands for Nintendo Entertainment System. Accordingly, NES games are games created for Nintendo.

Development of NES games

This game console was originally called Famicom when it was first created in 1983 in Japan. It immediately became popular because the set always included a wide selection of video games. You know exactly many of them, such as Super Mario Bros.

By the way, it was Mario who brought his company great success. Nintendo even made him its symbol of success.

Another reason for Nintendo's success is that the company fired at a time when the gaming industry was in crisis. And Nintendo was an innovative solution. This moment divided the gaming industry into "before and after".

However, since 2003, Nintendo no longer produces game consoles. But NES games are still at the peak of their popularity.

The most popular NES games

Today we can play NES games directly on our computer and do not require any additional devices. Almost all game portals contain these games, and you can play them whenever you want.

The set of NES games included the following: Bubble Bobble, Donkey Kong, Final Fantasy, Ice Climber, Castlevania, Mario Bros., Pac-Man, Ninja Gaiden, The Legend of Zelda, and many others.

In addition to Mario, another popular game was Pac-Man. This game belongs to the arcade category. You remember this game. The little yellow creature moved through the maze and ran away from the ghosts while collecting all the circles. Once you have collected everything, you move on to the next level. This game requires strong strategic thinking because it is not easy to play.

The game became popular due to its stylish design and simple mechanics.

Virtual NES games

Today you can find NES games on any gaming platform. And even if not all games, then at least the most hit you will find easily. Some of Nintendo's most popular games are Super Mario Bros., Tetris, Pac-Man, The Legend of Zelda, and many more.
NES games do not belong to one specific category. It presents a variety of games, so everyone can find something interesting. Nintendo has earned a great reputation and proudly passed it on to its incredibly interesting games. Some players do not even think about how far the NES games have come so that players can play them today. They were played by different generations - grandparents, parents, and children.