About Cat Rescue - Apple and Onion Game

Play Cat Rescue - Apple and Onion online free game. You haven’t seen anything like this, so don’t miss the game Apple & Onion Cat Rescue, an amazing adventure that awaits you. To begin with, unusual characters participate in this game: vegetables, fruits, and animals. Two bosom friends: a red apple and a juicy leek made a pet for themselves - a small cat. They looked after him in every possible way, but one day he escaped. Why? He had long been attracted by the noise of the highway. The cat saw the scurrying cars and went to look closer. However, he managed to cross to the other side, but he cannot return back. Suddenly he realized what mistake he had made. With your help, friends must fix it and return the cat home. Play this game on all the types of devices and gadgets.

Watch how to play: