About Fireboy And Watergirl 2: Light Temple Game

Play Fireboy And Watergirl 2 Light Temple online free game. This is the second part of the popular series of flash games, which includes Fireboy and Watergirl Ice Temple and Fireboy and Watergirl Forest Temple. The puzzle game begins with a standard, familiar from the first part of the game, training level. The girl collects water diamonds and must get to the door with a woman’s water sign, and the boy collects red jewelry and must open the door with a fiery male sign. Puzzles with sensors that respond to sunlight have been added to traps and riddles. For the system to work, the beam must hit the detector, while our painted heroes can block his path. Using mirror boxes, you can change the direction of the ray of light, knife switches, you can rotate the light sources, activating other sensors. This game you can play on all types of devices and gadgets.

Watch how to play: