About Road Crossing Games

The problem in big cities is traffic. Every year there are more and more cars on the streets of megalopolises: the roar of the highway day and night, parking lots are clogged around the clock, in the courtyards it is not even impossible to pass, but not to pass! Anyone who lives in a large city will understand what it is about.

What is road crossing?

The intersection is the intersection of carriageways of different roads, streets on the same level, "an area formed at the same level by intersecting, adjoining or branching carriageways, as well as roundings connecting the indicated carriageways."

The place of adjacency to the exit road from the adjacent territory is not considered to be an intersection.

The crossroads are a symbol of difficulties and the need for choice

The crossroads is an ancient symbol-image. It combines the opposition of two complementary concepts: "life and death", "good and evil". The symbolic meaning of the crossroads can be both the life of an individual and the life of an entire nation or even the whole of humanity. The image symbol of the crossroads is of special importance for a person.

The crossroads was mentally connected in the minds of the Russian man with the symbol of choice in general, and mythology and folklore with the choice between life and death, with the transition from one space to another. As such, the crossroads is given a double meaning. On the one hand, the crossroads were considered an accumulation of evil forces. On the other hand, it is a sacred place.

In Christianity, the crossroads was a place of worship for Christ. VN Toporov, analyzing the image-symbol-cross, draws attention to the divergence of lines from the sacred center to the outer space: "The cross emphasizes the idea of ​​the center and the main directions leading from the center (from the inside out)"

Rules of conduct for a driver in a car in road crossing games

Every novice driver is faced with the difficulty of driving through intersections. As you know, intersections can be regulated - those with traffic lights and unregulated ones - those at which drivers must follow the established priority signs. Of course, to pass any of the intersections, you need to know a lot of traffic rules. And so, you need to click on the car in the order in which they will pass the intersection. Look at the signs installed, distinguish the main road from the secondary road, watch the traffic lights, and so on.

Driving through intersections is the next level of increasing the load on the novice driver, the next level of his awareness of driving and the surrounding situation. By and large, there is nothing difficult in driving a car to an intersection.

If we look at a biker bear in a circus, we will see that he is completely calmly driving around the arena, he does not need to turn anywhere and give in to anyone - feed such a bear with sugar, and everything will be fine. Unfortunately, many drivers are somewhat similar to such a circus bear - they drive until the road runs into an intersection, and then, already leaving the intersection, they catch on and start feverishly thinking how it is possible to pass this intersection.