About Horror Games

The horror genre came to us from the cinema. And for those who want even more horror in their life, horror games were invented. Here we all need to thank the developers, because now in horror games we are not just outside observers looking in. Instead, we’re active participants in confrontation with the villain, no matter how terrible he is: Slenderman, Gogol's Viy, or a bloodthirsty maniac.

Most of the scariest games are single-player online games. And this is not surprising: when you are completely alone, you can vividly experience the oppressive atmosphere of suspense, and most of these project focus on the uneasy anticipation of future horror.

Horror games online have their own zest. They provide us with an excellent opportunity to realize the classic Hollywood scenario where the once-united company diverges into different rooms… Viewers usually roll their eyes at this point because they already know how this will end.

As we said, you have the option to play with a group of people, or you can decide to split up (for example, if you are in a dark forest and your task is to find notes). You can also join your team to fight a terrible monster controlled by someone other than users. Both of these modes fit perfectly not only in the genre of shooters, but also in scary games.

If you are a big fan of experiencing an acute sense of horror, then thanks to this section of the site you can discover the names of the most prominent representatives of this genre.