About Platform Games

What are platform games? And for which reason, from such an aspect of virtual games as the existence of a platform in the game, an entire genre of games has grown, which is very common among both kids and adults.

What are platform games?

Games in this category have one aspect: the game in all cases has platforms. The hero of the game must jump on these blocks. Tiss in platform games is the key objective. Additionally, throughout the game, the hero must ascend stairs, as well as gather items. Amassing objects is a precondition for the player to achieve the next level of the game and move to another.

Among the objects that a hero must accumulate are power-up objects. If the hero accumulates bonuses, then he will have extra life abilities or powers. The hero may augment the height of the jumps, he will be able to run faster, or his vitality will significantly improve.

To gather regular objects and power up, the hero just needs to tap on them or go into them. In some more complicated platform games, such objects can be gathered in a particular piggy bank, and the hero can trigger their action with the help of a particular team. This way of controlling a collection of objects is more typical of arcade puzzles.

What rivals can be in platform games?

In platform games, a player can have rivals or adversaries. For adversaries in platform games, a distinctive feature is a low level of intellect, which is why they often do the same movements and are not particularly dangerous.

The player of the game should not touch the opponent, as this can harm him, take his life, or kill him. In a few platform games, the character has the skill to counteract the opponent: for this, he must either jump on the opponent's head or use a gun if the main character has a gun in stock.

Secrets and mysteries of platform games

In such games at every level, there must be riddles, secrets that the hero must resolve to obtain extra bonuses or see the chance to go to another level.

Platform games are not described by sensible graphics. Most frequently, such games are drawn in the style of a cartoon. The main heroes of this genre of the game are fantastic creatures, cartoon heroes, or animals.

The development of this genre of games dates to the 80s of the previous century, and at first, they were made in two-dimensional graphics, and after that 3D creators drew attention to them.

The very name platform games emerged in this genre of games only later, but at first, they were recognized as walker games. Frequently this kind of game is a mixture of numerous categories. The character can use guns if the game is merged with an element of shooters, and the hero may have to control transport, and then a car simulator is constructed into the game. The most legendary and one of the first platform games was the game Prince of Persia, which still has a lot of supporters.