About Fantasy Games

What do you feel about when you hear the allusion to fantasy games? Fairy tales and imaginary worlds instantly occur. And yet the universe of fantasy games is drastically distinct from the universe of fairy tales. It is not for nothing that an entire individual category has been founded in modern art, which is referred to as "fantasy".

What is the fantasy category?

In contemporary art, the fantasy category was founded not so long ago. It would be more appropriate to say that the prerequisites for the appearance of such a category have surfaced since the fifteenth century, but only in the twentieth century, pieces with attributes began to be singled out into a distinct genre, which was referred to as "fantasy". This is the name for arts of literature, motion pictures, cartoon, fine art, as well as computer virtual video fantasy games, which use wonderful motivations or characters and images from the mythos.

John Tolkien, who created the novel "The Lord of the Rings", is believed to be the father of contemporary fantasy.

Games related to the fantasy games category are very widespread all over the globe. Adults are ardent admirers of such games, among adult players there are even more fans of fantasy games than kids. Why do they love these games? Using fantasy games, every individual has an opportunity to leave the disgusting life into the supernatural globe, where all aspirations can be achieved.

What are fantasy games?

Fantasy games frequently have many adventures, they can be portrayed for a particular chronological era, but the universes in which the game takes place are always imaginary. They can intersect in their style or events with the Middle Ages in human history.

A unique characteristic of fantasy games is that the central characters confront various mythical or supernatural beings during the story. Some of these beings are on the side of the character, and some are their adversaries.

Games in the fantasy games genre are frequently loaded with fights, they mix a range of kinds and categories, but the key category of such games is MMORPG.

The fantasy games world is certainly filled with charm, so not all incidents in it can be described in terms of knowledge or at least common sense. The laws of the environment in our traditional knowledge may not operate in such a world.

How fantasy games are different from fantastic games?

Games in the category of fiction, just like the category of fiction itself, pursue to describe the world around us in terms of fantastic theories and assumptions, pursues to give everything a logical explanation.

We can say that in games in the fantasy category, the reality in which the actions take place is the true world, only converted by the author's fantasy, enhanced reality. In fantasy games, the planet is primarily imaginary. It can be a world on our globe or even some parallel worlds, it can be a galactic or unearthly world. In such a realm, both mythological creatures, idols, and souls on the other side of evil can live together. Frequently in such an imaginary universe of fantasy games, a lot of worlds and beings are blended, which can be representatives of various ethnic myths - dragons and princesses, elves and goblins, ghosts, and mountain pixies.