American Football Games

The word "football" for men and boys sounds hypnotic. It is worth mentioning him, as the strong half blows off his head completely. They can talk about him endlessly and matches on TV simply tear them out of their lives for the duration of the game.

What is American Football?

A very popular rugby game in America is American football. A very interesting group game. But if it is very widespread abroad, then this game is not so popular here.

But there are a lot of fans and those who want to play it. American football games provide an excellent opportunity for fans of this game to play it, to feel the team spirit and flavor of foreign countries, to plunge into the atmosphere of the battle. You do not even need to install it on your computer.

Development of American Football

American football was created based on ordinary football and rugby and is today a combination of the two activities.

Initially, American football was performed in 1869, and then a bit altered edition of the soccer rules was adopted for this game.

The creator of American football is known as Walter Camp, who altered the rules of American football in 1880. He also presented such ideas as snap into the rules, agreed on the number of players in the team, presented forward pass, fixated the size of the field for playing this game and the neutral area.

All the advances he presented are still applied in American football activities nowadays.

What online American football games do we have?

You can play the game American football online right on the site. At a convenient time for you, sitting at your computer, you can feel the full strength and power of the players' battle. It is very easy to play American football online. The rules of this game are simple and will be clear to everyone. This game will take you abroad, to the atmosphere of the stadium.

You can feel like a real American football player, feel how addictive this game is. If you are new to this game, then it will not be difficult for you to understand the rules of American football. Play as a team, feel the team spirit of real fighters.

Learn the rules, techniques, practice throws and lead your team to victory. In this game, you will have access to popular American football competitions.

Feel like a participant in a real American championship of this sports game. Such a game will teach you how to act in a team, will help you to feel what coherence and accuracy of actions means. It develops attentiveness, clarity of actions, and speed of reaction. The online game of American football allows you to develop your game strategies and lead the team to victory.

Hone the skill of individual actions - serve, goal, free kick, run. Play famous players' jigsaw puzzles depicting famous game moments. Or answer a couple of dozen soccer questions to test how well you navigate American football and improve your knowledge.