About UFO Games

The Earth is attacked... UFO Games leave no alternatives or banal luck. You will have to survive harshly - with weapons in hand and ingenuity in actions. It will take all the power of intelligence and logic to defeat the alien enemy. Or earthlings. Yes, yes, some flash games suggest trying on the role of invaders and using fantastic weapons to defeat everyone and everything.

What is ufo?

The humanoid alien, as a rule, is distinguished by upright posture, pronounced lower and upper limbs, paired external features oriented along the vertical axis.

So, the classical image of the gray alien is characterized by the non-obvious absence of sex signs in him as in a biological species: there are no pronounced external genital organs and sexual dimorphism.

Most descriptions of the appearance and behavior of aliens present them as creatures of the neuter genus, asexual and impersonal.

In art culture (books, movies, comics) the appearance of aliens differs significantly.

UFO sighting history

The idea of ​​extraterrestrial civilizations appeared in the XVII century in connection with the emergence of the heliocentric system of the world of Copernicus and the invention of the telescope by Galileo. In 1600, a former Dominican monk and philosopher, Giordano Bruno, was burned alive in Rome.

He asked a simple question: is there life outside of Earth? Like Copernicus, Bruno was convinced that the Earth revolved around the Sun, but unlike Copernicus, he believed that there, in space, lived, perhaps, countless other people like us.

Since then, there has been a widespread belief in scientific circles that the emergence of intelligent life on Earth is not a phenomenon of a unique nature and that, conversely, it is a common and widespread phenomenon in the universe.

What online ufo games do we have?

In Alien games, the action is mostly set on an alien planet with hostile locals or survival conditions. Alien games will allow you to plunge into the frightening atmosphere of alien planets with mysterious life forms, space bases full of monstrous monsters, and dangerous traps.

What does the meeting with other forms of life have in store for us? What are they, aliens, do they pose a threat or are they ready to share their experience? Games Aliens will help you answer these questions, sending you on a journey into uncharted cosmic depths. Feel free to land on alien planets and start contact with representatives of alien civilizations.

Aliens. No matter how many stories there are about them, no matter how many books have been written and how many films have been shot, many still do not believe in these creatures from distant space. But let's imagine for a moment that aliens do exist. And aliens from other planets will come to Earth someday. The only question is, for what purpose will they visit our planet?