About Dragon Games

It is in the magical world of fairy tales that you will encounter dragons, knights, and princesses. Computer dragon games with these characters, therefore, will be interesting to all lovers of fantasy, mysticism, and magic. In addition, fire-breathing creatures in the games are not always evil. Sometimes these enormous lizards are kind, sweet, and friendly—just like in numerous fairy tales. Playing games with a magical plot is exciting, because getting into a fairy tale is always interesting as it transports you out of your everyday life. In this world, boys feel like heroes capable of feats, and girls become beautiful princesses. Dragon games for girls and boys will make everyone feel like the hero of the cartoon "How to Train Your Dragon".

There are a lot of dragons in our selection of dragon games, and each of them have their own story. Which one will you choose to play at the beginning, and which one later? Remember, only one thing is clear: once you’ve decided to play, then the desire will not disappear anytime soon. Among the large number of offers are cute, kind fairy tales with entertaining pictures for the smallest tots, and fascinating fantasies with famously twisted plots, full of incredible adventures for older gamers.

These cuties breathing fire should hardly be called dragons. As a rule, they are kind and defenseless, and often need your help. It is very touching to watch a green animal—something resembling a dinosaur-crocodile-fattened hippopotamus mix—begin to shed tears for no reason. Often the task of the players in dragon games is to care for the little dragon. And do not be surprised if, in response to your efforts, the baby accidentally gives you a fiery kiss. This is how dragons work.