About Skill Games

A skill game is a game in which a player’s skill—rather than chance—is the dominant factor affecting the outcome of a game.

Long gone are the days when computer games possessed primitive graphics, slurred sound, and offered us simple entertainments for speed and speed of reaction. The current generation of games requires a thoughtful, tactical approach, competent analysis of every situation, and careful planning of each step—inevitably leading to a well-deserved and long-awaited victory.

Skill games are created specifically for those who are used to thinking logically and get the most out of the simplest entertainment. You will have to develop your own enterprise from scratch, lead a huge and uncontrollable army, defend ancient castles from enemy invasions, and conquer new territories and markets. Each misstep can lead to a total loss, and you will need not only a tough character, but also an unshakable confidence, knowing that every action is done correctly and on time.

Whatever skill games you choose, be mentally prepared for what you can spend all day on the computer doing. This is a very fascinating and exciting category of games, which over time will make you an experienced military leader, a talented businessman, and a successful planner.