About Mahjong Games

Mahjong is not just an ordinary logic game. This is a whole process in which your brain plunges and harmoniously intertwines with you. And this is not surprising, because it belongs to Eastern philosophy, and mahjong came to us from there.

The advantages of mahjong games

Mahjong is a game of logic. Anyone fond of these games knows that logic games develop you and make you train your thinking.

Mahjong teaches us many important qualities for life. For example, it is logical thinking, the ability to solve problems, rational choice, attentiveness, strategic thinking, and so on. And most importantly, you will learn to be patient and not give up when difficulties arise.

But you need to apply the skills you have already acquired to win mahjong. This is of course logical thinking, causation, and tactical thinking. This game is loved by different people around the world. They believe that it is primarily a useful pastime, not just entertainment.

Mahjong will also help you relax after a hard day, put your thoughts in order and immerse yourself in the real flow.

How did mahjong appear?

Scientists still can't pinpoint the true origins of this game. Only one thing is known: mahjong appeared almost a thousand years ago. The game has gone through these centuries and much has changed from its original form. But one thing has remained and will remain unchanged. This is a Chinese philosophy that permeates the entire game process.

Most likely, mahjong originated in China. The most important thing we can learn from this game is that in chaos, the order can always be born. The main thing is to focus and solve the problem step by step. And it is also very important to think ahead. Asians love this game, and they are happy that their culture has become popular around the world.

In fact, in its original form, the game had slightly different rules. At least think of the fact that it was created for 4 players who competed for the championship to solve the puzzle. But literally at the end of the 20th century, a new version of the game appeared, which is still very popular. This is mahjong in the form of a "solitaire" for one player. It is also known as the "Chinese puzzle". And this has made it even easier to move the game into online mode.

Mahjong Solitaire

This type of mahjong already has many other subcategories and interpretations. But there are two that have gained the most popularity. These are Connect and Shanghai Mahjong. The Connect version is more like puzzles. There are many versions of mahjong, but they all retain the essence of the game itself. You fully concentrate on the process and think about solving the task in front of you.

"Tiles" in mahjong have their symbols. These are usually drawings or hieroglyphs. They are usually created in the motives of Chinese culture. But of course, today's mahjong is so transformed that you can come across completely unexpected themes, which are decorated with "tiles". People sometimes think that mahjong is very similar to dominoes, or even poker. And there is some truth in this. Because mahjong combines the complex philosophy of many popular games.