About Frozen Games

Elsa and Anna are the future of Arendelle, and the two princesses must embark on a great adventure to become queens of Disney’s coldest kingdom in Frozen Games.

We need to travel to the kingdom of Arendelle to meet the two Disney princesses brought to us by the classic film, Frozen. Elsa and Anna, the royal duo, are close sisters until one unexpected day, Elsa accidentally harms her younger sister Anna, causing her to lose consciousness. After the accident, Elsa remains locked in her room, and they are raised almost as strangers. But everything changes with the death of their parents and with Elsa coming of age. She must face her coronation as Queen of Arendelle, while facing problems that reveal the existence and extent of her power. As uncertainty sets in, winter begins in mid-summer, marking the start of an adventure of Anna searching to find her sister. This great classic is followed by the recent premiere of Frozen 2, and you can play along in Frozen games on our website as any of the main characters, including Elsa, Anna, and Olaf.