About Board Games

How nice it is to gather on a gloomy autumn evening at a large table, pour everyone a cup of fragrant tea, and play a couple of games of checkers, puzzles, lego, sea battle, or mini-football.

But if you are suddenly busy or tired, then this is no reason to deprive your baby of his favorite pastime.

On our site, we have collected the most entertaining and exciting board games for children, with the familiar gameplay and classic rules that have long been known to every fidget. Your child can fight with the computer, with the best friend, or with the users of the global network of the Internet, and will have a great free time, without interrupting you from important or urgent activities.

What is the use of board games?

Everyone knows that board games are always fun and exciting. Did you know that this is also the magic key to keeping the mind active and healthy?

Different people with different needs and abilities gather at the same table with one goal - to have fun. But the process of playing has a beneficial effect on health in various aspects and at any age.

We have prepared for you a small list of why it is necessary and important to play.

One of the “side effects” of board games is laughter. It, in turn, increases the hormone endorphins and induces feelings of happiness. Sincere, loud laughter and joy in the company can also foster empathy, empathy, and trusting relationships with others.

Board games play a significant role in children's health and brain development. Children improve logical, critical, spatial thinking. Speech and communication skills, the ability to concentrate for a long period, and attentiveness are also activated.

Features board games

An intellectual game is a puzzle or quiz. It requires players to display erudition and intellectual effort. The game develops logical thinking and memory, improves concentration.

The war game simulates historical or fictional wars and battles. She develops ingenuity and systems thinking. Exciting military board games will teach your child to draw up an action plan, solve tasks correctly and use resources rationally.

The strategy game poses more challenges to the player. He acts as a ruler who must build a powerful state, city, or civilization. The player has military, political and economic means to change the course of history.

The detective game is a combination of puzzles and RPGs. The participant must play the role of a detective who must investigate to find the culprit or reveal a secret. Develops thinking, intelligence and logic.

The economic game is partly strategic. It models economic relations: distribution, consumption, and exchange. The player's goal is to earn a lot or build his economic empire. "Colonizers", "Monopoly", "Valdora" and other games teach children the basics of economics and the financial market.

The new-look of familiar games

Board games need no introduction - they are already well known to everyone. This section presents various options for board games such as chess, checkers, dominoes, puzzles. You can also play online with the computer in sea battle or tic-tac-toe, try to solve the Rubik's cube, and even solve the Japanese Sudoku puzzle.

We present you with the best free board games online! Here you can find your favorite chess, checkers, dominoes, sea battle and many other funs. Spend your leisure time with the benefit, collecting a Rubik’s cube or painting a game in tic-tac-toe. Defeat a computer opponent on any difficulty level. However, you can also measure your strengths on the virtual board with your friend: choose the "Two players" option and make your first move!