About BMX Games

From time immemorial, motorcycle racing has attracted children who dreamed of driving a two-wheeled friend while competing with others on special racing tracks equipped with jumps and pits. But motorcycles for sporting events are expensive, and mechanically maintaining them was not so simple. Learning how to control a motorcycle took years of training, and the athlete is constantly working to improve their skills. So, the children grew fed up and created their own sport and called it BMX games!

They made special tracks based on the designs of those professional racers competed on. Soon, the new sport became so popular that specialized bikes began to be produced for it. And then, the first professional competitions began to appear. Beginning as simple youth backyard entertainment, BMX has turned into an independent sport that has even bypassed its ancestor motocross in popularity!

However, BMX games very quickly evolved from ordinary racing into stunt racing, where racers perform cool stunts by jumping on the railing, climbing mountains, sliding along vertical walls and jumping fearlessly from great heights! Now, you can find more than a thousand specialized models of bikes designed to perform tricks, and there are platforms with jumps and arches in almost every district of any European and American city. And of course, BMX games could not help but appear! There are not so many of them yet, but you can still find many interesting opportunities to perform up to 30 various tricks and jump over the ramps!