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IO games have become mega popular due to simplicity and addictive action. You can play them for free. The choice is great, you can become a worm fighting for food, a small cell absorbing others and dividing into atoms in case of danger, or a brave tanker with a gun at the ready. The main goal is to survive, become the largest or destroy as many opponents as possible. Halloween is in full swing, there are massive parties at nightclubs and you will go to one of them at But not to have fun with the rest. Your task is to kill a maximum of people, because you are a serial killer maniac. But you do not want to be caught at all, so try to kill quietly in secluded places. Otherwise, visitors to the institution will call the police and handcuffs will put on you. In addition to you, a lot of killers roam around the city and everyone tries to score points, finding and destroying victims. If you want to be in the top of the most productive maniacs, hurry up.

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