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Marvel provides an entry point into the world of superheroes, aliens, and mutants. This is its own universe, complete with its own set of laws, rules, and characters. Which child, or adult, hasn't fantasized about donning the robes of Wolverine, Captain America, Black Widow, Iron Man, Magneto, or Professor X? This is now totally true, this game allows you to be in a variety of roles and settings involving comic-book heroes.

This is an invasion game. You're placed in a room with all of the other superheroes. Within the boundaries, you are free to walk about. Your goal is to go through the stages and grow in size. The larger you get, the simpler it is to walk around the arena and the more effectively you can attack your opponents. If you go too close to a competitor, you must attack quickly or they may attack you, causing you to fail. To see where you rank, go to the left top corner of the screen and look at the leader board. Keep an eye on the top of the screen for the level indication. A well-developed bonus system is in place. The user can receive a gift, collect the daily award, and spin the wheel for extras. The player rating table is accessible.

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