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How often have you watched different sporting events in which contestants came from all over the world? Probably countless times, but each of you had a favorite that you likely worried about and desired would win. You will navigate the obstacle course together, and so that you are not bored or alone, you must now become a participant in such a virtual show and attempt to win it.

Only the bravest and swiftest will prevail, but you must also continually keep an eye on your surroundings as you make your way through the obstacle course. Consequently, you could be struck by a massive hammer or spun by a big windmill. Naturally, none of these will really injure your character, but he will exit the obstacle course, which will slow down the race. By the time this happens, your competitors may already be a long-distance away. To make your participant stand out from the other participants, you still need to choose a name for him or her and costume color. It will be simpler for you to complete all the chores and keep up with the other players who will strive to overtake you at all costs.

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