About War Games

Lessons are lessons, and you need to play free war games online on a scheduled basis. Not a single boy who respects himself will miss a novelty where he can shoot with weapons, having mastered his modern or medieval look. And if there are no available weapons, you can take out energy spheres and throw them at the enemy. Birds squawk and animals howl. The main thing is to decide on tactics, set up a patrol, identify enemy weak spots, and target those points with grenades, stones, bricks, or tomatoes.

Our online war games boast a wide variety of exploits on the battlefield. You can choose versions stylized as real wars with classic weapons, or send a battalion to a fantastic country where the battle is fought between elves and orcs using magic. You can even become a caveman and masterfully strike with a club as a representative from another tribe tries to enter your territory. Playing alone or with friends, you can make a real breakthrough by defeating enemy troops and clearing the territory of mines.