About Real Tennis Game

Play Real Tennis online free sport game for all devices and gadgets. If the glory of Steffi Graf or Roger Federer is haunting you and you love tennis, feel free to join our virtual tournament in the game Real Tennis. Tennis is a sport of gentlemen, but no one forces you to behave on the court in a gentleman's way, on the contrary, cut the opponent under the nut, making such submissions that he will not be able to beat off with all his will. The stakes are too high to make ceremonies and to shatter with the enemy. Move to Wimbledon and become the winner of the tournament. The game begins with a zero score, the one who won the serve receives 15 points, with the subsequent serve - 30 and then - 40 points. Winning 6 games you become the winner of the set. The match consists of three sets.

Watch how to play: