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Take on the role of a soldier and struggle to survive in our incredible new maps! With a variety of game types to pick from, Armed Forces io has something for everyone. We have the ideal game mode for everyone, experienced players as well as newcomers. So soldier, get ready to fire at the nasty guys!

In the exciting multiplayer Counter-Strike-style 3D shooter known as Armed, you will engage in military combat in many game types. Simply click "Play" and "Battle" to begin playing. Choose from any of the 6 modes on the left. For instance, choose "DeathMatch," flag-winning combat, and then click "Confirm And Play." On the map on the left, track the soldier's moves. The whereabouts of the warriors from your group are shown by the blue triangles. Until you are killed, find the members of the opposing squad and shoot them precisely. To avoid being shot at, hide behind buildings and fences. Win for your squad in Armed by showcasing your shooting prowess. There are frequently several players present, thus heated arguments are always possible.

Watch how to play: