About Stinkfly Avoid - Ben 10 Game

Play Stinkfly Avoid - Ben 10 online game on all types of devices. In another exciting Ben 10 game, Ben is in trouble this time as he has transformed into Stinkfly and trying to escape evil Dr Animo’s farm. The Ben 10 Stinkfly Avoid game is all about avoiding Stinkfly from being captured by Animo’s deadly pig henchmen! Its not as easy as it sounds, so, before you start to play the game, first get yourself familiar with the gameplay. The Ben 10 Stinkfly Avoid game is set up in the farms of Dr Aloysius Animo who is an mad scientist. He is known for his evil genetic experiments involving animals and humans. Ben was in Animo’s farm to stop him from mutating human DNA with pigs but he must escape before the pig henchman get more powerful. So, he turns into Stinkfly and flies across the farm as pigs try to catch him.

Watch how to play: