About Weapon Games

This section presents free online games in which firearms or melee weapons are involved in one way or another: from pistols and slingshots to laser blasters and lightsabers. Play Weapon Games for free and without registration right now!

What are weapons?

Weapons are devices and objects that are constructively designed to hit a living or other target, as well as to send signals with pyrotechnic compositions.

Weapons include devices and objects that are structurally designed to hit a living or other target, an object for attack or defense. Also - a set of tools for hunting and waging war. In a figurative sense, a weapon is any means to fight someone and something, to achieve the set goals.

What weapon games do we have?

Enemies are on the heels, ammo is running out, and the health meter is almost zero? A common thing in gun games! Will you make it to the next supply crate, or will death overtake you sooner? This is just one of the action-packed situations that await you in the battle games from our wonderful collection.

Search for weapons and hide in dark corners during epic battles that take place in these shooters wherever possible, from the deadly jungle to giant arenas. You can complete dangerous missions and save the planet from destruction, or simply practice your skills in Aim and Shoot games. See if you can return home with your trophy in hunting games. Our collection of free games is always a lot of impressions and experiences.

Weapon history

Humanity has used weapons since ancient times. The first weapons were sticks and stones. From the very beginning, the main purpose of the weapon was primarily protection from predators and then hunting. But then the weapon began to be used for military purposes.

Each historical period was characterized by its types of weapons. At the same time, weapons have evolved along with the evolution of society. Moreover, the evolution of weapons is almost always one of the aspects of the evolution of society as a whole.

The simplest types of weapons are observed in chimpanzees, which allows adherents of the theory of human evolution from great apes to assume the use of weapons by early hominids as early as five million years ago. These were clubs, primitive spears, and rough stones. However, the nature of these early forms of weapons does not allow finding any unequivocal archaeological evidence of their use.