About Warrior Games

The warrior games category consists of games in which the protagonists are warriors.

What is a warrior?

Warriors participate in armed forces affairs, hostilities, wars, protect cities and whole countries if an army mission requires it. Additionally, soldiers are a component of the army, act as part of the armed forces of various countries.

Warriors or soldiers have always been admired personalities in fiction and motion pictures. Their persona is covered in the romantic story of triumphs and confrontations. The warrior is portrayed as a hero skillful of any achievement.

In the warrior games genre, you can command the protagonist of the game, a warrior, and participate in both separate fights and entire fights.

What types of warriors can be met in warrior games?

Over the whole development of humankind history, there were many categories of warriors who lionized themselves with exploits of arms. Many kinds of warriors have become strongly founded in the culture of various countries and have become identifiable both in their looks and in their accomplishments.

All these kinds of warriors you can see in warrior games:

- gladiators or fighters from Ancient Rome. Lots of tales and legends were linked with them. There are many warrior games with gladiators where you can participate in fights or the amphitheater.

- Janissaries or fighters from the Ottoman Empire, whom even the legendary crusader knights were afraid of. The Janissaries are designated as "killing machines." They were dedicated to their sultan and unbeatable in the fight.

- Kanuri warriors from Africa assisted the king of Dunam to occupy new lands. The Kanuri cavalry wore extraordinary armor that was made of cotton fabrics but was incredibly strong. Both soldiers and horses wore this shield. By this defense, as well as by copper hats adorned with ostrich feathers, they can be distinguished.

- Mamluks or slaves of the king, who were dedicated soldiers of the Caliphate, horse soldiers and acquired an enormous range of guns.

- Musketeers of the French kings, who learned to use swords and muskets skillfully. It is fascinating that, as a division of the army, the musketeers first emerged in China, and only then were brought to European countries.

What categories of warrior games are there?

Games in the warrior games genre are represented with a great range of categories. The most legendary game in this genre is the military-tactical Game of Warriors, which has earned a huge army of fans during its development history.

Apart from this game, there are lots of warrior games in the categories of battles, wars, arcades, as well as missions and adventures, protection games, and lots of others.

For those who enjoy imaginative games, sketching and painting games are offered, where you can explore the details of the outfits of all categories of warriors. There are also some kinds of dress-up games for girls, where you can focus on the style of the warrior, select the proper clothing for him.

There are also logic games and riddles in the warrior games category. In such games, you must resolve a military challenge. Often these are commercial journeys that are part of other categories of warrior games.