About Transformer Games

It is now difficult to meet a person who does not know what transformers are. Any kid knows that intelligent machines are called transformers, which, as if by magic, can transform from a car to a plane, from an airplane to a truck, or from a truck to a microscope. They can also transform into an animal or a person.

Modern guys can list a lot of films, animated series, and comics where the main characters are transformers. The story of transformers began when two toy-producing companies—Hasbro from the USA, and Takara from Japan—decided to create a brand-new toy together, one that kids around the world could not even dream of. They created the transformer toy; after it became incredibly popular, stories which formed the basis of comics and cartoons were made up about the toy.

The very first transformers were called diaclones and were very small—only about an inch tall. These solitary and gestalt transformers, mechanoids and organoids, include: Autobots, Decepticons, Minicons and Vehicons or Drones, as well as Maximals and Predacons. There are dual-mode and tri-mode, as well as transformers, which have more than three alt-modes. Modern boys easily understand all types of transformers and can distinguish a Technomorph from a Zoomorph, a Dinobot from an Insecticon, a Wrecker from a Terracon, a Fusor from a Transmetal, and a Headmaster from a Breastforce. Modern transformers live in their own special world, in which there are many planets and civilizations.

Transformer games are also one of the sequels to the magical story of transformers. After the movie Transformers became a success in cinemas around the world, such games became popular among boys and girls of all ages.