About Tom and Jerry Games

You might be surprised to learn that the story of the cat and mouse—which we know today as Tom and Jerry—began before the Second World War. The first cartoon featuring this duo was released in 1940, and it was called "The cat gets a kick." The authors of the cartoon, Joseph Barbera and William Hanna, did not suspect what great fate awaited their cartoon. We will say only this: seven times the authors and creators of the cartoon Tom and Jerry were awarded the main cinematic award Oscar for the best short film. And their Oscars are well-deserved! It is very cool!

Today we are surrounded by T-shirts, baseball caps, notepads, and other paraphernalia with the image of Tom and Jerry on them. For almost one hundred years, the cat has relentlessly chased the mouse, and his tricks have made us laugh again and again. These funny stories never get old; they’re always interesting to watch.

Tom and Jerry games always find their loyal fans. Boys and girls of all ages love to play such games, and adult souls enjoy Tom and Jerry as well, although they don’t always admit it.

Tom and Jerry games are great! They not only give your mood a boost and make you believe in yourself, but they also help to develop personal qualities like attentiveness and ingenuity, while sharpening your ability to make good, quick decisions. Such games should be played in the company of good friends, because you can laugh heartily during the games and together gain those positive, feel-good emotions.

Our site is a welcome spot for everyone who loves the wonderful Tom and Jerry cartoons. And if you are not already familiar with this fun duo, you can become introduced using our online games which are replenished and updated daily. This means that you can visit our website regularly and you will always find something that entertains and delights!