About Time Games

The time games genre involves games in which you must accomplish a particular mission in a specific period. In these games, the most important factor is to have enough time, until the time will end, to accomplish the mission. Or else, you will fail.

Time is the protagonist of time games

Can we call time to be the protagonist of the game? Of course, we can. In any case, it is time that all missions and storylines of time games follow. It is time that determines whether you succeed or fail. As the clock beats down the seconds and minutes, you may become a champion or a failure. But if you do not have enough time to complete anything, in this case, time will not cease to tick and will not await you. Time never stops, it is persistent. Consequently, composers frequently call time merciless.

Time is what we deal with every day and characterize it as past, present, and future. The progression of time is embodied in our experience, and the future becomes the present, and the present becomes the past.

It is impossible to talk about movement and dynamics without the concept of time and its progression. This is like our perception of space.

Interesting facts about time

In the Pacific Ocean, many islands are inhabited by people whose lives take place "between dates." The line of change of dates conditionally passes on the 180th meridian in the Pacific Ocean. When traveling across this line to the west, you fall into your future - the day ahead, "tomorrow", when crossing to the east, you fall into the past and experience yesterday again. But this is almost non-existent in this place. Except when traveling along the meridian. Probably, in this place, the whole relativity of the concept of "time" is best understood.

Recently, the owners of watches have become interested not only in the time they determine but also how their body behaves during this time. There are all sorts of smartwatches, in fact, minicomputers, which display various data, including those related to the physical condition of man.

The clock follows clockwise from left to right - because it is in this direction that the shadow of the sundial moves.

What time games do we have?

If you enjoy time games, then you will love to try yourself out for concentration and speed, act firmly and promptly.

You can cook the dish for a specified period and provide it to guests in the cafe if you prefer cooking time games.

You can participate in speed races and attempt to surmount the challenging track in a specified period if you select car time games.

You can assemble a complicated riddle, Rubik's cube, resolve a tricky problem, or discover an escape from a puzzling condition if you select logic time games.

You can try to kill all the monsters in a specified period if you prefer shooting games time games.

We have a massive assortment of choices, so you can effortlessly get an attractive one for yourself.