About Subway Surfers Games

Some teenagers know how to have fun! And if you think that spending the night in a club or at some apartment get-together is a real break, then you are mistaken. How can it be cool what is available to any elementary school student if his parents let him go?! A true adventurer is distinguished by the ability to run into trouble out of the blue - and then gracefully and very beautifully to avoid any consequences! And go home for dinner.

The game and the famous TV series subway surfers

Subway Surfers Games is a story about the adventures of four best friends. The story of how they cope together with the ironic-epic problems of teenage life. Together, friends explore their city on skateboards and discover that their subway station is not only a source of fun and pranks but also the center of some mystery that could change their world ... for better or for worse.

In the center of the plot is a friendly group of teenagers, where the leader is a street art lover named Jake. The guys go through many adventures, but soon the situation changes dramatically when the heroes accidentally find a strange hole under the old rails.

What are online subway surfers games?

Subway surf games offer an exciting race through the cars, between them, under them - everywhere. Speed ​​in the stories of subway surfers is the main requirement, but in addition to active movements, you need to pay attention to bonuses. Usually, these are coins, the presence of which will later allow you to buy stylish clothes, comfortable shoes, and all sorts of cute accessories. But money is only part of the bonuses. In addition to the hero's coins, magnets are waiting for the quick collection of all the money, doublers - to increase the number of collected bonuses, jetpacks - to quickly move over the policeman. And a lot of other things you need.

Well, what are you interested in? Then "to start-attention-march" and forward to the race. The policeman has already lurked behind the nearest carriage and is ready to catch the main violator of the order of the railway station!

What subway surfers games we have?

Now you will go to the train station, where fun adventures await you. Your character will be a young daredevil who loves extreme sports and is in constant search of adrenaline. It is because of this that the girl and her friends constantly get into trouble. This time was no exception. The daredevil was caught with another prank by the policeman, who immediately gave chase.

The little bully will run automatically, and your task is to maneuver between obstacles at the train station. You will jump over signs, slide, and run along the rails with all your speed. Collect gold coins and bonuses along the way. Having accumulated money, you can buy cool bonuses and improve their characteristics. Also, for a certain amount, you can unlock a new hero. Ahead of you are waiting for a dizzying adventure along with a mischievous company. Enjoy your game and good luck!

Subway surfers games will appeal to everyone who likes to run fast, collect bonuses and dodge obstacles. After all, this is the main essence of the game! Boy Jake loves to run on trains and between them, but his hobby is not liked by railroad workers, so every time a fat policeman starts chasing the boy. Who is faster?