About Strategy Games

Strategy games provide you with the opportunity to try on the role of Commander. In this sense, strategy games are very useful because they teach a person to calculate their decisions and think through their actions several steps in advance.

Strategy games were invented not so much for entertainment but to ensure that everyone who plays them can combine business with pleasure; strategy games help train your mind for logical thinking, while considering both the big picture and the small details. Playing strategy games lets you practice calculating your actions and, more importantly, take responsibility for them.

By the way, if you think that strategy games are simply war games that take place on the battlefield, then you are mistaken. The first strategy games were invented a very long time ago—about fifteen hundred years ago. Invented in India, humankind has been playing this strategy game with pleasure since then. Can you guess what game this is? Of course, it’s chess—the very first strategic game!

Yes, strategy games are beneficial because they cause you to consider not only your own moves but also to anticipate those of your opponent; you must be able to calculate in advance your next strategic steps as well as the next possible steps of your opponent. Keep in mind that strategy games are a category of rather complex games: we are sure that you will succeed, but you should take strategic games with the utmost seriousness.

Strategy games are one of the favorite sections of not only children, but also adults. And if someone thinks that these games are played mainly by boys, then they should keep in mind that girls also love such games.