About Story Games

Lots of us adored listening to the tales as kids. These stories could be frightening or hilarious, but our friends or families told them to us, and these tales were remembered for a long time. Such stories created the beginning of story games.

How do true tales vary from fairy tales or legends?

The key disparity between the stories that the teenagers in the yard or the girls in the back were telling you is that all these tales were real. Anyway, those who told such tales said so.

The storylines in such stories could be very unusual. Many of them talked about life situations in which common persons believed, and in which there was nothing mystical. Lots of them, built on their story, had just cases linked to magic or some type of paranormal sensations.

A distinct category of such stories was plots in which the character of the story faced an unforeseen condition, when there was a risk to his life, and handled such a condition thanks to his abilities.

All these tales even got a unique name. This category of city myth came to be known as "urban stories" or "urban legends".

Who is the character of the stories behind story games?

While urban stories or legends seem realistic, they are frequently not genuine. Just like the characters of such stories or story games, they seem like common people, but most frequently such individuals do not live in the real world.

Consequently, however horrible the story may be, you must not fear it: it is just a story. Urban history is a type of myth or legend, developed by modern individuals and passed by word of mouth.

Most frequently, the characters of these legends and story games are boys or girls from the neighboring street, neighbors or people living in the neighborhood, normal people, like those who tell or listen to this tale.

What plots can be found in story games?

As in the initial stories themselves, you can discover in story games narratives on the topic of some paranormal events, in which some magnificent animals like gnomes or fairies perform in the contemporary world. Such stories often reproduce traditional fairy tales in their plots.

You can additionally get plots in which an everyday occurrence is told, often hilarious, but more frequently frightening, which occurs to common people. Such tales use the phrases "one boy" or "one woman from the neighboring house." In these story games, the character faces a beast from a parallel world, but everything culminates in his favor.

There are also tales with felonious narratives when the character needs to meet one on one with agents of the illegal world. Such stories are characterized by games of shooters, battles, adventure games, and arcades. The whole genres of story games are those in which we are chatting about spy plot, scouts, and detectives. Frequently such events are related to secret machinery. Such storylines suggest aspects of the mystery or detective category in story games.