About Side-Scrolling Games

The Side-Scrolling Games category involves items that apply the mechanism of scrolling your PC screen. This is a unique kind of virtual computer application that is developed in terms of the method in which what is occurring in the game is demonstrated on the display.

What are side-scrolling games?

Within the most common subgenres, the 90s saw the growth of the so-called Side Scrollers, amusements that forced us to side-scrolling to walk the track. Whether with platforms, in Beat 'em Up mode, or many other cases, side-scrolling continues to represent resources that do not lose their validity. To learn a little more about this side-scrolling world, we invite you to continue reading this article, with a bit of history and a review of several illustrations to date.

The developers have not forgotten about bonuses and improvements, which greatly diversify the gameplay. True, in some especially hot battles due to the abundance of various shells, explosions.

The development of side-scrolling games

More than 40 years ago, Sega introduced the arcade shooter Bomber. Revolution was the Defender game concerning the date of publication - 1980 or 1981 - there is a disagreement, launched by some another company.

The revolution was that the game universe was extended beyond a solitary motionless game display. The Defender has a small atlas, similarly, named a locator, which is also present in similar games published at that time.

The first side-scrolling game with a lot of various stages was the Scramble game, introduced that year. The side-scrolling mechanism has been presented with an enhanced scrolling mechanism, which provides the impression of deepness to the visuals.

Which side-scrolling games do we have?

Side-scroller (English side-scroller, side-scrolling game) - a computer game in which the gamer witnesses the game development using a simulated camera positioned apart, and the heroes on the display entirely may only go to the left or right. Such applications apply scrolling mechanisms on computer screens.

The evolution from games with a single game screen or flip-screen visuals to games founded on scrolling happened throughout the golden age of arcade games and the third production of game consoles. This changeover was as groundbreaking in game development as the later evolution to 3D through the fifth version of game consoles.

Then, it was games with three-dimensional visuals that drove side-scrollers from the market, nonetheless, side-scrollers stay to be invented, especially for portable devices or for spreading over digital distribution.