About Stunt Games

This section presents online Stunt Games in which you need to do tricks. As a rule, you have to perform them either riding a motorcycle or driving a car. Go ahead!

What's the trick?

Trick - is defined as a spectacular skillful maneuver, or a technique, usually dangerous or impossible for an unprepared person. With a certain level of knowledge and training, the trick can be performed successfully. Successful performance of a particular trick is an indicator of the performer's professionalism.

Tricks are used in different types of art, in particular, in circus art (magic tricks, acrobatic stunts) and cinema.

Although technology allows you to create any kind of special effects, some directors prefer to shoot dangerous scenes live and involve not programmers, but stuntmen.

Movies and stunt games

This category contains a large number of games, the plot of which is based on the plot of very popular films.

You have often seen stunts in films, and sometimes you did not even suspect that they are not performed by the main character, but by a stuntman disguised as this hero.

Tricks in films have appeared a long time ago, and earlier, when films were filmed without sound, tricks were very important and had to be performed at the highest level. And now it has improved even more, that now not only stuntmen perform stunts, but vehicles and other objects are also attracted there.

But it is worth noting that there are actors who refuse the services of stuntmen and themselves perform stunts according to the script. Among them is Jackie Chan, whom you all know so well. Film stunts are such an interesting topic that people all over the world admire them, and there is even an entire section in the Guinness Book of Records dedicated to this topic.

What vehicles can you perform stunts on?

Bicycles are not the only form of transport you can use to perform stunts. Heavier bikes, motorcycles, and ATVs - that's where the imagination is! You can perform stunts on motorcycles in a wide variety of conditions.

One thing unites them all - a lot of obstacles on the way to the finish created by nature and human hands. All of them are located on the track to knock you out of the saddle of the motorcycle. Especially interesting are those games in which the tracks repeat the real ones in motocross competitions.

Here you will certainly feel like a member of a motorcycle club as if in reality you will hear the enthusiastic roar of a crowd of spectators and smell the smell of gasoline and burned rubber. Isn't that what you were aiming for when you started playing online stunt games?